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DIY Dillon XL 650 Primer Catcher Solution

If like me you are tired of sweeping up spent primers spat out by your Dillon XL650 press from your floor and reloading bench then hopefully this will help you out. Since completing this DIY I’ve not lost a single spent primer to the nether regions of my reloading station. Not to mention no annoying black dust coating the frame . So what components are you going to need? You’ll need a glass jar. Nothing to big because it’ll need to fit under your bench but not get in the way. Some 10mm plastic tube, a couple of small screws to hold the lid and jar to the bench and a .40 Cal or .357 Sig casing. IMG_1900.JPG Tools wise I used a Dremel to cut the casing to size, a 13mm drill bit for the hole in the bench to thread the tubing through, a smaller drill bit for retaining screw holes, a small pair of pliers and a hex key to remove and refit the original primer catcher bracket IMG_1932.JPG First, using a rotary tool cut the base of the bullet casing. Then cut the case neck into 8 segments. I used the neck of the Sig case as my depth guide but really only 5-6 mm is required. I also cut two of the little tabs completely off to match the recess in the presses bracket. Not necessary really. For aesthetics only. IMG_1933.JPG Next, use the pliers to gently fold each of the small tabs you have created. It should now look like a small flower. You get the idea. Now unscrew from the press the bracket the holds the primer catching cup. Get rid of the useless cup and insert the case between press and bracket. Re-install bracket and screws. Should now look something like this. IMG_1902.JPG Now take the lid off your jar and drill a 13mm hole in the centre and two smaller retaining screw holes either side. Workout where you want your jar (new primer catcher) to go under you bench and use the lid to mark the centre of the main hole and two retaining screw holes and drill them as well. Go ahead and screw the lid to the underside of your bench. IMG_1907.JPG Now. Raise the ram on the press to it’s highest point. Push one end of the tube over the open end of the case you installed earlier and thread the other end through the hole in the bench and out through the lid. Work the ram up and down a few times ensure the length is just right. No binding, not to much slack but not to tight at it’s highest point either. Trim off under the lid. IMG_1904-1.JPG Finally screw in your jar and forget about ever picking up spent primers from the floor again. IMG_1905.JPG